texas-mortgage-and-refinance-companySINCE 2005 WE’VE HELPED PEOPLE ALL OVER TEXAS BUY & REFINANCE HOMES.

Whether you’re buying or refinancing a home Austin, DFW, Houston, or San Antonio–call us today and get our free estimate.

Apply today and close at any title company you want–anywhere in Texas.

In addition to having low mortgage rates, we also have the lowest fees  since our lender fee is a flat $500 , regardless of your loan amount.  customized-quote

 ~~Most of the big banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo or Chase, charge percentage points on a mortgage–therefore the higher your loan size, the more you pay.  

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  • In Houston, please call 713-589-2244

Buying a home in Texas:    These days banks require 5% down and a 620 credit score to buy a home.  So if you have the 5% down and a 620 credit score…please call us or apply today!

If you have a 660+ credit score you can buy a home–with only 5% down–and avoid mortgage insurance (pmi) with our 80/15/5 mortgage, which is a 95% home loan.

Click here for an example of the 95% loan, or 80/15/5

What is an 80/15/5 Mortgage Loan?  80+15=95% mortgage.

  • We offer 5% down home loans– up to $517,000– without PMI, with only a 660 credit score.
  • If you have a 700 credit score, we offer a 5% down loan, without PMI, to $567,000.  We can do a $150K second lien with a 700 score. Another advantage of the 80/15 or 80/10 is you can avoid jumbo mortgage rates –and the higher jumbo mortgage fees.
  • We offer 30 year fixed rates, 15 year fixed loans…even 10 year fixed.  However, if you’d like to place your loan on an ARM, call us about our low 10 year ARM, our 7 or 5 year ARM rates.
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