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Whether you’re buying or refinancing a home in Austin, DFW, Houston, or even San Antonio–call us today… we’d love to help! 

People all over Texas use us because of our low fees and that we offer more types of loans than other Texas mortgage companies.

 Call us today..and let us send you a few mortgage options to review.  Texas Mortgage Refinance

  • Email:  jon@mylendingplace.com
  • Our minimum credit score is 620.  Meaning, if you have a 620+ score and 5% down, we can help you purchase a home anywhere in Texas.  (Same with refinancing…the 620 score is required.)

If you want to avoid pmi (mortgage insurance) you’ll need at least 5% down and a 660 credit score.   

  • With a 660 credit score you can borrow up to $517,00 without incurring jumbo rates or fees.  5% down.
  • If you have a 700 score, we can lend up to $567,000, no pmi.  5% down. 
  • If you have 10% down and a 700 score, we can lend up up to $617.000, no pmi.

We specialize in 2 types of home loans: 

  1. We help Texans buy or refinance homes w/o pmi (mortgage insurance)…even with only 5% down. Loans without pmi have lower closing costs & lower monthly payments.  Call us and let us show you! 
  2. And we do a lot of Texas cash out refinancing or Home Equity Loans.
    • Remember, Texas cash out refinancing is limited to 80% loan to value (LTV)– and there are lots of rules and regulations. This just means it’s important for you to choose/work with an experienced, local Texas mortgage company –like us– who knows Texas refi cash out laws inside and out.   
    • There’s simply no better Texas mortgage company than us when it comes to refinancing!  Take a look at our closing costs and then call for your estimate.

Apply today and close at any local title company you want.  Anywhere in Texas!  In most cases, we can close your loan in less than 30 days.

We look forward helping you with your Texas mortgage needs!

  • In Austin, please call 512-996-8194
  • In DFW, call 972-325-2120
  • In Houston, call 713-589-2244

More loan choices….lower fees, lower monthly payments

It’s that simple

We make Texas mortgage lending simple.

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